we are...


"MondayLights" are a community that will ensure greater humanity in everyday life of all people. Through global networking, we inspire each other, thus creating a WE, the motivated and activated.

It is not important where you come from, how old you are or what religion you belong to. In Monday Lights actions humanity is the focus. With very simple means you can participate, contribute now and be a part of our community.

Small lights can make a difference, we are convinced.
A single light, kindled by you and visible to your environment, something changed. A light, a sea of lights spread positive vibrations, illuminates the darkness and brings things to light, the all too easy not seen in everyday life, are too often overlooked.

Lights allow us to better see things: ourselves, our environment, our fellow human beings. We recognize, understand and act differently when we see better. Starting with a single light, after a short time already hundreds, Monday lights a sea of lights will be soon. More and more people are on, ignite their light ... and change, almost imperceptible.

Monday lights lead to awareness that the world people are everywhere, who feel like and act, who want to help or needs assistance.
For all these people Monday lights are a symbol of compassion, hope and happiness.
As positive experience as real a feeling of togetherness, as a surprise and as a guarantee of humanity we organize volunteer help where help is needed. doing good, helping others makes demonstrably happy. receives him who help and helpers.


We do not just talk about it, but also make it.
Monday lights spread happiness.
The more we are, the easier it is our common task.
No single light, no man alone can make our world overnight to a better place. But the sum of many individual acts, many thousands of lights as a sign of others have the power within to bring about great changes.
Let us together ensure greater humanity!

A few thoughts ...