Its silly? You want to save the world with a small light? With candles and songs, music and stories? Silly as that.


Childish,naive and a dream dance. Gooders. Fool. You dont save the world with the tuning fork. Not with the baton, the voice, Not with lights, stories, candles and cuteness. Silly as that.


With a little light against the infinite darkness of the universe? With lights against xenophobia? What is xenophobia? Are strangers better people and those who hate it, stupid? Silly as that!


The foreigners, Jews, Muslims, refugees - Or whoever is just in sight - arent better people, and therefore, the good people who have so much, and the bad people they hate, because they better than they are. No. The foreigners arent better. Also not bad. There they are. People they are. Otherwise, they are. They are different. Just like me.


On Monday. We are the people. We want freedom. No dictatorship. No fascist without communist without religion fanatic. No dictatorship. No mine strip without border guards, No DC circuit, no thought control. No dictatorship. Freedom. We are the people. On Monday. We are the people. Why do they roar? Has anyone something taken away? Just because there are others who need something? Not from them, but just as they.


Whom do they hate? Whoever harms them? Those who also hurt the other. For the people who flee from the others? Not exactly the same. But somehow the same race of people? Those who want to have the power to untold wealth, Exploitation , terror, violence and war. We are the people - we , this and that people.


On Monday. Some now kindle lights. Small. Bigger. Various . Monday - against the hatred for peace. Monday - against violence, for compassion. For solidarity, humanity ...


Monday evening a small light or a big candle? Otherwise, the unchanging daily routine. Nothing changes. Buy unfairly traded goods, wrapped in plastic, not ecological produced. They finance the system and produce weapons. Everyone does somehow. Silly as that!


What can already one change alone? Ask everyone - ask all. Each for itself . Alone. All. Some light a light. In desperation.

A light against helplessness . Silly does it mean? And then there are all the others. With all the lights. It isnt power. No one knows how it will all end. Is Opium ? People tranquilizers ? Kindle lights on, singing songs, telling stories , writing lyrics , satire , plays, poems . ... Some look instead the television and believe in it.


The people with the lights, what they believe? On the good? At life? At the Love? On strength instead of greed? At together instead of against each other? At juxtaposition - together different - Instead of opposing, at odds , but in being against, into line? Silly does it mean?


Maybe not everything must always be silly the opposite of . Maybe it doesnt matter what you do, because what never changes . But if it does not matter what you do , then it doesnt matter that you do it. Then you can make or not . Degree as you like.


Silly be, sometimes does just fine Maybe it 's not always about the effect . Monday Lights force warmongers not in the knee . It doesnt do for any one. To change , to show, to effect ... It makes because it just. Monday evenings , people greet each other with lights and say: I see you. And here I am. Not more. Not nothing. ...


Silly as that! And that's good. Never were those who wanted war, silly, childish, dreamy and cute. No, they're serious , reasonable, prudent, rational and realistic. The look at the world as it is. We are the people. We see what could be - and what is always EVEN.


Mostly quiet and small, inconspicuous and cute - kind of silly, certainly not huge. If megalomania is the disease, they destroyed habitats, life, peace and dreams - what is useful to huge significant actions? What we tell our children when they ask? Are the foreigners evil or good? Or are the evil that they hate, the angry citizens? Are they good? Who are we? Are we good? Are we at all a "we"? With whom do we have in common? With all? With the stranger? With the angry citizens? With the others? With all? And what are the differences?


Oh. Candlelight conversations with children in homes, where asking questions and initiate discussions, Heard stories and thought thoughts wrote poems, sang songs and images are painted. And appear light. If it doesnt matter, because it is useless and doesnt work, then it doesnt matter that you do it. If it does not matter, then it does not have criticized and questioned.


Maybe it does matter, but silly.


Not matter indifferent, but different. Not matter insignificant, but visible and - apparently - something triggering.


In the houses, in the families, in the world..


Maybe it's just. What it is. A little Light.